Francesco Petrangeli Papini

  • Was born in Rome on 30 May, 1958 and is a registered architect. He graduated from the Università degli Studi in Rome on 28 Feb 1985, obtaining his certification on April 1st of the same year, and registering with the Board of Architects (no. 8496, Sept 8th 1988). He is in charge of design, research and building-site management, both individually and as part of a group: he is also co-owner of the firm B&P Architetti Associati Studio Tecnico Dott. Arch. Franco Bulgherini – Dott. Arch. Francesco Petrangeli Papini, based in Rome.

    During the 25 years of his career, starting from his first experience in the field of research and construction at ISPREDIL –  Istituto Promozionale per l’Edilizia – financed by CER, to the subsequent architectural design projects carried out first as a free-lancer, then as co-owner of the Roman firm  Studio B&P Architetti Associati,  Mr Petrangeli-Papini has always placed his focus, both in the private and public sector, on the understanding and regard for the progressive evolution of laws and regulations governing the construction and infrastructure sector.

    In view of the increasing complexity of the construction process, which is due in part to the implementation of European laws, he has been aware of the pressing need to provide adequate interdisciplinary expertise by integrating his own specific professional skills with those of colleagues and collaborators, both within his own studio and through the creation of temporary groupings of experts. This has allowed him, over time, and with experience, to gain the trust of the technical and administrative bodies of the designated governmental departments, especially in the public sector.