Our mission

B&PS – Business & Projects Solutions –  originated from the meeting of three different personalities with one common vision that was simple to devise, yet complicated to achieve:  to pool our professional skills and connections in order to assist and support businesses, facilitate their development and increase the value of their assets both in Italy and abroad; with the honesty, transparency and correctness that have always been the hallmark of our professional achievements.

In order for our objective to be successfully actualised, we have selected partners and consulted businesses that have prioritised innovation and technological development, while at the same time respecting the human being and the environment.

Our cooperation with the DEMAJO GROUP

Malta is the leading country within the Euro zone for GDP growth, competition and the ability to attract new capital and highly skilled professionals. We have recognised in the DEMAJO GROUP, one of the most representative successful businesses of this country, the opportunity to bring into play our professionality and skills.

Working abroad may seem easy; but playing by the rules of the country and particularly with a local partner with whom to share sound ethical and moral principles is certainly more difficult. This is our challenge. This is our philosophy. This is B&PS – Business & Projects Solutions.